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Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm EST
just doesn't happen to be one of the u.s. military's. the u.s. navy claims that all its scan eagle drones have been accounted for. the iranians have said they captured the drone, they claim, by taking it over electronically as it was flying over u.s. air space. now, the problem with this is that scan eagle drones are pretty common in that region. when it comes to technology, they're at the very low end of the scale. they're readily available to almost every government in the region. many gulf states have them. intelligence indicates that the iranians either stole or perhaps bought this from under the table from some gulf state nation. but it doesn't appear that according to the u.s. navy, anyway, that there's any truth to the claims that the iranians actually seized a u.s. navy drone. >> all right, jim. thanks very much. >> we want to get to mary thompson. we have more breaking news right now on the arrest of a trader. mary. >> hey there, bill. this is about a securities trader, david miller. he's been arrested for wire fraud and charged with wire fraud by the connecticut u.s. atto
FOX Business
Dec 10, 2012 3:00pm EST
. nicole: that is right. despite banana republic and old navy under their umbrella, but is not a good sign with many other retailers doing so well coming up with numbers and sales that are stellar. david: hewlett-packard, carl icahn, definitely the rumors are affecting the stock, what is going on? nicole: hewlett-packard goo a big pop because we saw after the investor carl icahn was buying options or getting in there some way shape or form in hewlett-packard became a top performer on the dow jones industrial. liz: let's talk about other a cap tech names. this is a company that has actually found a little bit more firm footing lately. >> right. he noted they had a firmer footing these days, but also getting an upgrade didn't help because at a price target of a $24 with a buy rating helping it along. the tech did really well. but what hewlett-packard, cisco systems. an apple from negative to positive to negative really giving it a shot. david: always look about what stock really parallels the economy in general. one stock i always look at is a federal express because people are shipping
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2